The Millionaire Mailer

Get money in your mailbox

A little bit about my self my name is David and I am a dad of 3 kids. For many years I have lived paycheck to paycheck and I have tried many different programs. I was never good at mlm or affiliate marketing. I tried almost everything you can think of to make money to help support my family.

I then came across The Millionaire mailer and I researched it for several weeks trying to find as much information on it as I can. I watched YouTube videos of several people including Marybeth and Brad and many others. I also researched for scams about this company and couldn’t find anything about their being a scam.

After doing all of this research I decided to talk to a few select people about it. I have a co worker who was also interested in the program and him and I decided to join together. I also talked to family but like expected they thought it was a scam. As I already said me and my co worker decided together to dive in and see what happens.

Their are 6 levels and I will list them below

$10 Cash Machine

$20 Cash Machine

&25 Millionaire Mailer

$50 Millionaire Mailer you get the $25 flyer for free with this one.

$100 Millionaire Mailer and you get the $25 and $50 flyer for free.

$250 Millionaire Mailer you get the &100, $50, and $25 flyers free

$500.00 Millionaire Mailer and you get all of the ones listed below except the $20 and $10


The Millionaire Mailer $25

The Millionaire Mailer $50